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RMT Global is an on-board supplier that specializes in comfort care and service items that enhance the experience of passengers worldwide.

Based in Dallas, Texas, RMT has worldwide offices to gain access to the best sources and manufacturing opportunities for customers. Richard M. Tuttle founded RMT Global Partners and believes the success of his company is attributed to adhering to the core principles of maintaining a customer-first mentality, providing superior customer service and ensuring guaranteed products are offered to all his travel industry customers.

In addition to our award-winning environmental initiatives and high-quality goods, RMT Global Partners distinguishes itself as a market leader thanks to its in-depth knowledge of inflight culinary supplies and equipment.

We have decades of experience working behind the scenes as team members ourselves, so we understand what it takes to make both team members’ and a passengers’ experiences a successful outcome. With the right tools and resources that go hand in hand for both parties, we can create an experience that will get people to choose you every time.

Our Mission

We are a worldwide manufacturer of custom comfort and sustainable service solutions for the travel industry. We take pride in our superior customer service, innovative product solutions, and our trusted, global connections that deliver dependable, reliable products to our customers and their passengers every day.

Gold Status

with EcoVadis

With an overall score of 71% RMT ranked in the 96th percentile of all companies  scored by EcoVadis.

Positive comments made by EcoVadis on
RMT’s policies included:

Gold Status with EcoVadis

With an overall score of 71%, RMT ranked in the 96th percentile of all companies scored by EcoVadis.

Positive comments made by EcoVadis on RMT’s policies included:

From the Tarmac to the Sky

We know the industry ins and outs because we have worked behind the scenes with…

Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants

Worked directly with Flight Attendants to fully understand at a higher level the functional requirements and needs of the airline staff in order to exceed customer expectations.

Airline Engineers

Airline Engineers

Worked on engineering Galley Provisioning Programs to suit airlines universally.

Catering & Equipment Managers

Catering & Equipment Managers

Managed Catering Operations as an Equipment Manager, which has in turn led to RMT being able to provide superior, thoughtful design that has turned into successful programs onboard aircrafts globally.

About Our Factory Partners

There’s a reason why we have earned Gold-status with EcoVadis.

We work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our partners are always up to our specifications and standards.

Our decades of experience in the industry has enabled us to create strong relationships with reputable manufacturing facilities around the globe. Connections like these have made our manufacturing capabilities practically limitless– which is why we’re able to take on extremely customizable, tailored projects for our customers.

Key Design & Production Factors

As your partner, we want to ensure that every part of the experience is seamless, from storage to the exchange between flight attendants and airline passengers.

Practicality and efficiency are key factors for the flight team– and we want to be the ones that make their lives easier by holding the pack out efficiency at a high level.

We design quality products that to above and beyond our airline partners’ expectations to help them achieve their goals.

It shows in our logo and in everything we do: sustainability is top of mind when we are designing our products. When we work together for the good of the earth, we all win.

Past Work with Delta

Past Work with Other Airlines

United Airlines Sanitizing Wipes

Polycarbonate Ice Cream Bowl

Bread Plate


Other Industries

We’re involved in the medical industry, and are currently working with cruise lines and hotels on various projects.

Medical Blankets & Socks

Medical Safety Seatbelts

Medical Sensor Pads (Bed & Chair)

Meet our Founder

Founder & CEO, Richard Tuttle, has had the opportunity over the years working with airlines facing every scenario: from start-up growing pains to working with airlines on the brink of bankruptcy. Growing with the industry through both extremes has taught us how to consolidate strategically and rebuild solid foundations as our industry and customers evolve. More importantly, we know how to create a tailored approach to fit our airline partners’ needs at every stage of business in order to deliver a successful outcome.

Our Team

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Michael Rodriguez

Vice President

Ryan Phillips


John Frank


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