Shatter Resistant Tritan™ Glassware

Experience elegance without compromise. Our Tritan™ glassware combines the timeless beauty of crystal-clear glass with the unmatched durability of shatter-resistant technology. Tritan™ is the ideal choice for airlines, rail companies, and other travel providers committed to offering the highest standard of service. Transform the way travelers enjoy their journey.

Why Use Tritan™ Glassware Products?

Crystal Clear Quality
Offer a first-class dining experience with the brilliance and transparency of traditional glass that retains its shine even after repeated use and washing.
Safe & Eco-Friendly
Our BPA-free glassware prioritizes passenger health and safety, while also being an environmentally responsible choice, reducing waste and the need for frequent replacements.
A Blend of Luxury & Practicality
Equip your fleet with the best in shatter-resistant technology and redefine the standard of in-transit dining. Your travelers will certainly appreciate it.
Unbreakable Durability
Designed to endure the demands of travel, Tritan™ Glassware eliminates the risk of chips, cracks, and breakages, ensuring a safer environment for your passengers and crew.

The Perfect Mix of Sophistication and Convenience

Tritan™ glassware is break-, chip- and scratch-resistant, so it’s perfect for the busy world of travel. It’s also barium- and lead-free, so your passengers will be sipping with safety and comfort. RMT Global Partners specializes in providing elevated experiences that are also practical, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and safe. We can help you find the right options for your company.

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Durable & Stress-Free Elegance

There are few things more alarming than the sound of a glass smashing into a thousand slivers. It means a large clean up, potential injuries, and it tarnishes the travel experience. Known for its superior glass look, Tritan™ can survive bumps and drops while looking chic and stylish the entire time. Plus, Tritan™ glassware from RMT Global Partners won’t fade, warp, or crack over time, even with frequent washing, making it perfect for travel.

Learn More About Tritan™ Glassware

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What are the benefits of using Tritan™ Glassware compared to traditional glass or plastic options?

Tritan™ Glassware is significantly lighter than traditional glass, making it easier for staff to handle and reducing the overall weight load. The durability of Tritan™ means less frequent replacements compared to glass or lower-quality plastics, leading to long-term cost savings. It’s also free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, ensuring that it is safe for passengers while being environmentally friendly. This aligns with increasing consumer demand for health-conscious and sustainable travel options.

Tritan™ is made from a high-performance polymer that is engineered to resist the wear and tear associated with frequent use. It resists clouding, scratching, and discoloration, ensuring the glassware remains clear and beautiful over time. This resistance also prevents the material from degrading or becoming brittle, which helps maintain its pristine condition even after repeated washes.

Tritan™ helps reduce waste generated from broken glass and discarded plastic, contributing to sustainability goals and improving the overall image and environmental footprint of your travel company.

Yes. Tritan™ can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals, including those typically used by airlines, rail companies, and other travel providers. It will stay in excellent condition despite your rigorous cleaning protocols.

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