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Global Initiatives Taking Flight

At RMT Global , sustainability is our driving force. As a leading onboard supplier, we set ourselves apart by prioritizing environmental responsibility while setting the gold standard for passenger experience worldwide. With a focus on comfort care and service items, we deliver high-quality, sustainable products that minimize our ecological footprint.:

Commitment to Sustainability:

dedicated to implementing award-winning environmental initiatives and sustainable practices. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to reducing waste in manufacturing processes, we prioritize sustainability at every step.

Industry Expertise:

With extensive knowledge in inflight culinary supplies and equipment, we lead the way in sustainable solutions through our collaborations with flight attendants, airline engineers, and catering & equipment managers to allow us to develop tailored, eco-conscious products that exceed customer expectations.

Trusted Global Connections:

Through decades of experience and strong relationships with reputable manufacturing facilities worldwide, we ensure that our partners meet our rigorous sustainability standards. These connections enable us to undertake highly customizable projects and deliver dependable, reliable, and sustainable products to our customers and their passengers.

of global travelers consider sustainable travel important

respondents to an IATA survey said they consider sustainability and climate change when planning their trips

of passengers were willing to pay an additional fee to offset the carbon emissions from their flights

of travelers said they were more determined to make sustainable travel choices

More Than Just Great Serviceware

Our Sustainability is Making Headlines

At RMT Global Partners, our green initiatives are not going unnoticed. We are proud to have been featured on the cover of PAX International for our achievement of becoming Gold-status with EcoVadis. Our team has been dedicated to taking the right steps to lessening our carbon-footprint and creating options for our partners to do the same. When we work together, we can make a meaningful impact on the planet. 

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