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Bagasse Cutlery: Pioneering Sustainable Dining in the Travel Industry

Looking for the ultimate eco-savvy cutlery designed for travel? Imagine dinnerware that laughs in the face of heat, remains unfazed by acidic foods, leaks no harmful colors or dyes,  and bids adieu in the greenest way possible by decomposing without a trace in 30 to 60 days. Meet Bagasse—the eco-warrior beloved by airlines and travel businesses for its resilience and sustainability. Let’s explore how Bagasse is revolutionizing travel dining. 

Bagasse's Sustainable Odyssey: A Journey from Sugarcane Waste to Useful Cutlery

The story of Bagasse starts with sugarcane, where what was once dismissed as waste becomes the protagonist of a remarkable transformation. Sugarcane fibers left behind after juicing are gathered and meticulously cleaned to ensure the purest base for the ultimate eco-friendly solutions.

Then comes the real magic—a pulping process that softens and separates these fibers, crafting a versatile pulp that is molded into various products. Through advanced techniques and commitment to sustainability, Bagasse emerges as eco-friendly tableware, cutlery, and packaging solutions. From discarded remnants to a sustainable revolution—Bagasse’s journey embodies the very essence of sustainable innovation.

Bagasse is a game-changer reshaping how airlines, cruises, railways, and similar industries approach sustainability in travel dining. 

Eco-Friendly Advantage

Imagine a dining solution that’s not just eco-friendly but a true game-changer for our planet. Enter Bagasse—a superhero in the sustainability arena! This isn’t just about reducing reliance on non-renewable resources; it’s a commitment to curbing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing our carbon footprint, and doing our bit for the environment.

Versatile and Travel-Ready

Now, let’s talk practicality! Bagasse plates aren’t just good for the Earth but are perfect for the travel dining scene. They’re compatible with microwaves, ovens, and even your refrigerator. Think about it—firmness, durability, and top-notch thermal insulation make Bagasse plates your go-to choice, whether you’re serving up meals mid-flight or storing food for later consumption.

A Green Revolution Against Plastic Pollution

Bagasse is also a superhero for our oceans and landfills. Bagasse cutlery doesn’t hang around forever, unlike plastic alternatives. It’s 100% biodegradable and compostable, derived from sugarcane residues. It doesn’t leave behind landfill detritus, reducing plastic pollution and leaving a minimal environmental impact in its wake.

But wait, there’s more!


Joining the Bagasse revolution for travel dining brings a host of unparalleled advantages, beyond the ones stated above, that cater perfectly to the discerning needs of the industry:

  • Sustainable Storage Solutions: Bagasse cutlery isn’t just your ordinary dining ware—it doubles up as an efficient food storage companion! The firmness, durability, and exceptional thermal insulation properties make it the go-to choice for refrigerating meals until consumption. Meals stored sustainably and ready for serving whenever and wherever!
  • A Greener Reputation, A Loyal Clientele: Embrace Bagasse, and you’re not only changing your table settings but also enhancing your brand’s reputation. Customers today seek eco-conscious partners. Bagasse adoption aligns your brand identity with eco-friendly initiatives, earning trust and fostering long-lasting loyalty.
  • Elevated Travel Dining Experiences: Bid farewell to flimsy tableware! Bagasse brings durability and versatility to the table—literally. Enjoy travel dining experiences with cutlery that’s not just sturdy but adapts effortlessly to diverse temperature conditions. It’s the upgrade your guests deserve!

Italian meals served in Bagasse casseroles | RMT Global Partners Bagasse Dinnerware

Sugarcane Sensation for Hot Meals: Picture this—steaming delights served in our chic sugarcane casserole dishes. These aren’t just plates; they’re a hot-meal extravaganza, ready to elevate your dining experiences mid-travel!

Bagasse Salad Bowls and Plates | RMT Global Partners Bagasse Dinnerware

Chic Salad Bowls and Plates: Embrace freshness on the go with our snazzy sugarcane salad bowls and plates. These aren’t your average salad companions; they’re a green twist to your travel dining, making every bite an eco-friendly delight!

Assortment of Eco-Friendly Bagasse Tableware | RMT Global Partners Bagasse Dinnerware

Saucy Cups and Utensils Galore: Need some saucy companions for your meals? Our lineup includes sleek sauce cups, spoons, forks, and knives, all crafted from Bagasse. 

Serving Trays with a Custom Flair: Elevate your serving game with our stylish trays and customized designs. From bespoke shapes to eco-friendly patterns, these trays are here to make your serving moments a sustainable statement!

The journey with Bagasse isn’t just about plates and cutlery – it’s a leap toward a sustainable dining future. As this eco-friendly material gains ground, it’s reshaping the entire travel dining narrative. Brace for a transformation where guilt-free meals, eco-conscious choices, and responsible practices become the heartbeat of the industry. Bagasse isn’t just a trend; it’s the cornerstone of a new era, leading us toward a brighter, greener, and more sustainable horizon for travel dining.

Get onboard the Bagasse travel dining revolution! Connect with RMT Global Partners now to explore tailored solutions and elevate your travel dining experiences with eco-friendly Bagasse Cutlery tailored to your company’s eco-conscious requirements.

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