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Sustainable Product Solutions Creates More Satisfied Customers: What This Means for Your Business

Any business knows that pleasing customers is a big part of success. After all – happy customers are repeat customers. In the travel industry and across the board, offering sustainable product solutions is a key to boosting customer satisfaction. Specifically, airline, cruise, and rail passengers are demanding eco-friendly products (like sustainable cutlery and sanitizing wipes) more than ever before, and travel industry buyers are taking note.

Of course, consumer behavior changes often, and which makes it tough to know what the market really wants. But study after study shows that customers are choosing businesses that share their concerns for the environment. They want to do business with companies that care about sustainability. They are looking for eco-friendly products, such as environmentally-friendly cups, sustainable dishware, and other eco-friendly utensils. 

According to a McKinsey survey, 66% of respondents say they consider sustainability when making a purchase, and 72% state that they are actively buying more environmentally friendly products than they did five years ago. This is a large and dedicated percentage of the market that the travel industry can’t afford to miss. 

Why are consumers heading in this direction? Why are eco-friendly options now demanded? There are a few reasons, and knowing those reasons can help travel industry buyers not only capture this market today, but also plan for the future.

Sustainable Product Solutions for the Travel Industry Reduce Climate Concerns

Climate change is a bigger concern today than ever before. In August 2022, a Pew Research Center survey found that 75% of people in 19 countries in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region consider global climate change to be a major threat.

This means customers are focused on making changes, such as using eco-friendly utensils and environmentally-friendly cups when traveling. Businesses need to do the same if they want to satisfy these customers. These small changes can be made easily, but they have a large impact on the amount of waste created, reducing garbage sent to landfill and helping ease the climate crisis.

Speaking of Waste

Reducing waste is a large reason why people in the airline, cruise, and rail travel industries are craving eco-friendly products. 

Society now recognizes the amount of waste each person generates in a year and wants to help. People are looking for products that create less waste, that are recyclable, and that are made from sustainable materials. Travel industry buyers are choosing to work with businesses that offer these eco-friendly options.

By supplying their travel industry customers with sustainable options (such as eco-friendly packaging, and polycarbonate glassware and bagasse cutlery kits), airlines, cruise operators, and rail customers can keep more waste out of landfills. When customers see products that can either be used more often, are easily recycled, or are biodegradable, they will choose to use them and support the companies that do the same.

Also: Legal Restrictions

In addition to consumer trends, travel industry buyers also need to know the law. More and more, regions are making laws and regulations regarding disposable products to reduce waste and help the environment. Several cities and states have banned or restricted single-use plastic straws, for instance, including: California, Oregon, New York, and Colorado.

In fact, some entire countries have placed restrictions on single-use plastics, such as Canada and the United Kingdom. Not only are consumer preferences changing, but many governments are aiming for more sustainable options as well.

Sustainable Product Solutions for the Travel Industry Gives Customers What They’re Looking For

To remain competitive in today’s travel industry, buyers for airlines, cruises, and rail need to give end-customers what they want – eco-friendly products. These products don’t just reduce waste, but they showcase an organization’s commitment to sustainability. 

Customers want to know what a business is doing to be eco-friendly. It’s not enough to say: “we care about the environment.” Companies need to establish a true commitment to sustainability.  

A good place to start is by setting sustainability goals. What issues matter the most to your organization? What steps are you taking to address them? For instance, if you care about reducing plastic waste, you may start by switching to birchwood or bamboo cutlery, or you might choose earth-friendly cups.

Authenticity and transparency is critical. Today’s travel industry customers want truth and credibility. If you say you value sustainability, you need to back up that statement with actions. Don’t just have travel industry buyers focus on purchasing eco-friendly products. Instead, explain to the traveling public how much plastic is being kept out of landfills because your organization made that switch. This can be powerful for your brand.

Working with RMT Global Partners allows travel industry buyers in the airline, cruise, and rail verticals to get the sustainable and earth-friendly products that businesses and travelers want. By offering an extensive variety of eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality or passenger experience, you can satisfy the end-customer, who cares about sustainability, and make a discernible difference to the environment. For more information, please contact us today.

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