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Why Travel Buyers Want Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Cutlery, Drinking Cups & More

The travel industry continues to get more eco-friendly, and travel industry buyers for airlines, cruise lines, and rail companies are taking notice. The adoption of sustainable cutlery, environmentally friendly cups, and other eco-friendly products is increasing rapidly.

Why? The answer is quite simple. It’s because that’s what travelers demand. 

Travel buyers naturally focus on purchasing the products their clients want; travel industry clients continue to focus more and more on sustainability. As travelers demand more eco-friendly products, cruise lines, rail companies, and airlines increase their demand for them as well. These travel companies are in the business of offering their customers what they want; therefore, travel buyers working for these companies must understand travelers’ needs. 

Of course, as the industry itself becomes more eco-friendly, it’s important to ensure that the end-customer is on the same track before making changes. The good news: they usually are. Tourists around the world generally prefer environmentally friendly travel options. In fact, a 2022 survey released by Ipsos found that 85% of people across 28 countries believe that manufacturers and retailers should take responsibility for reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic packaging. Among travelers, a survey by found that four out of five travelers prioritize sustainability.

However, no one wants this to come at an overly high cost; nor does anyone want to sacrifice customer experience.

This is the potential problem travel buyers now face: How do you offer more eco-friendly options without increasing costs or hurting convenience? For many travel companies, one of the first steps comes in the form of offering environmentally friendly cups, sanitizing wipes, drinking cups, bagasse cutlery, and more.

Why Travel Industry Buyers Focus on Sustainable Eating Utensils & Products

There are obviously many different aspects of any trip. So, why are more and more travel industry buyers prompted by their clients to purchase sustainable dishware and sustainable eating utensils? There are several reasons. First, a rail company, cruise line, or airline offering eco-friendly products such as sustainable dishware and drinking cups is obvious to the customer. They can see the travel company is not only trying to improve the sustainability of their offering, but has also spent the time and effort to act. In this way, the company uses eco-friendly choices to boost their image. 

Offering sustainably cutlery, drinking cups, and sanitizing wipes speaks to an issue important to travelers and customers in general. Since this issue is so important to people, it makes sense to purchase products that meet their requirements. 

Finding the Right Sustainable Products

For travel industry buyers who want to help travel companies capture more of the market, purchasing sustainable products makes a ton of sense. However, buyers commonly do not know where to start. As mentioned, while travelers now care more about sustainability than ever before, they still do not want to compromise their travel experience. You may have heard complaints in recent years that some eco-friendly products don’t match the quality people expect. This is the last thing you want.

When you’re looking for eco-friendly products, such as sustainable dishware, drinking cups, and other products, you want to purchase what the end user will enjoy using. Otherwise, you will degrade their experience and hurt the airline, cruise, or rail company with which you are working. 

Travel buyers should look for the following when shopping for sustainable products:

RMT Global Partners can meet these needs. We offer an extensive variety of eco-friendly and sustainable products that satisfy end customers who care about sustainability—and even those who do not! You won’t be stuck in a situation where the products you purchase for a business are extremely costly, inconvenient, or of poor quality. Instead, we supply travel industry buyers in the airline, cruise, and rail verticals with high quality products that are changing the travel industry for the better. For more information, please contact us today.

Sustainable Product Solutions for the Travel Industry Gives Customers What They’re Looking For

To remain competitive in today’s travel industry, buyers for airlines, cruises, and rail need to give end-customers what they want – eco-friendly products. These products don’t just reduce waste, but they showcase an organization’s commitment to sustainability. 

Customers want to know what a business is doing to be eco-friendly. It’s not enough to say: “we care about the environment.” Companies need to establish a true commitment to sustainability.  

A good place to start is by setting sustainability goals. What issues matter the most to your organization? What steps are you taking to address them? For instance, if you care about reducing plastic waste, you may start by switching to birchwood or bamboo cutlery, or you might choose earth-friendly cups.

Authenticity and transparency is critical. Today’s travel industry customers want truth and credibility. If you say you value sustainability, you need to back up that statement with actions. Don’t just have travel industry buyers focus on purchasing eco-friendly products. Instead, explain to the traveling public how much plastic is being kept out of landfills because your organization made that switch. This can be powerful for your brand.

Working with RMT Global Partners allows travel industry buyers in the airline, cruise, and rail verticals to get the sustainable and earth-friendly products that businesses and travelers want. By offering an extensive variety of eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality or passenger experience, you can satisfy the end-customer, who cares about sustainability, and make a discernible difference to the environment. For more information, please contact us today.

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