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Eco-friendly, Single-Use, and Sustainable Travel Essentials for Greener Journeys

Choosing sustainability isn’t a mere preference; it’s the need of the hour to steer clear of wasteful practices. As conscientious travelers actively pursue eco-conscious alternatives to check unscrupulous waste, RMT Global Partners presents a diverse array of products that redefine the entire travel experience. Join us as we explore the essential sustainable offerings every travel buyer should know about, ensuring your journey isn’t just hassle-free but also aligned with responsible environmental practices.

Revolutionizing travel dining, Bagasse Cutlery emerges as an eco-savvy choice, leading the charge towards sustainable practices in the skies. Sourced from sugarcane waste, these innovative cutlery kits defy conventional disposable norms, offering more than just utility. Beyond being biodegradable and compostable, Bagasse Cutlery stands as a testament to resilience and sustainability, transforming the in-flight dining experience.  

Bagasse tableware | Sustainable travel dining | RMT Global Partners

In tandem with Bagasse Cutlery, our sustainable dishware made with Bagasse further reinforces RMT Global Partners’ commitment to sustainability. Our comprehensive assortment includes entree dishes, cutlery, cups, and various-sized trays with different lining options such as compartments with lining, PLA lining, or unlined trays. This expansion of Bagasse offerings signifies a holistic approach to eco-conscious dining solutions, providing airlines and travel businesses with a complete suite of sustainable serviceware options, aligning seamlessly with the evolving expectations of environmentally conscious travelers.

For those who appreciate a touch of elegance during their journey, RMT Global Partners offers Polycarbonate Glassware as a sustainable alternative to traditional glassware and single-use plastic cups. These innovative glasses are not only stylish but also stand as a durable and lightweight solution, ensuring a sophisticated touch to your journey without leaving an environmental footprint. Our Polycarbonate Glassware’s shatterproof quality enhances its longevity and minimizes the need for frequent replacements, contributing to waste reduction in the travel industry.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, our Polycarbonate Glassware aligns seamlessly with eco-conscious travel values. The material used in these glasses has been carefully chosen for its environmental benefits, reducing the ecological impact associated with traditional glassware production. Whether enjoying a glass of wine or a refreshing beverage, Polycarbonate Glassware provides a sustainable option for travelers going for both style and environmental responsibility.

Polycarbonate Glassware for sustainable air travel | RMT Global Partners

RMT Global Partners stands as the vanguard in sustainable travel service ware, showcasing a meticulously curated assortment designed to redefine the in-flight dining experience while championing environmental responsibility. At the heart of this collection lies the Thermos, an iconic symbol of functionality and sustainability. Beyond its role in maintaining beverage temperatures, the design of this Thermos embodies our commitment to reducing single-use waste, offering travelers a reusable and eco-friendly alternative.

Our serviceware offerings also include coffee and teapots that not only serve delightful brews but also align with RMT Global’s dedication to ecological best practices. Specialized milk thermoses further underscore our commitment to freshness without compromising environmental consciousness. The inclusion of collapsible Atlas drawers reflects our ethos of maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste, providing organized storage solutions that adapt to the dynamic needs of travel service providers.

Food served in sustainable serviceware for airlines | RMT Global Partners

Our sustainability theme continues with insulated coolers, cart containers, ice-related items, and an array of sustainable eating utensils crafted with eco-friendly principles. From scoops to ice hammers and buckets, these elements are designed to streamline the drink service process efficiently while promoting the responsible use of resources. RMT Global’s assorted travel service ware, featuring trays with condiment holders and dedicated trays for drinks is a testament to our dedication to sustainable travel practices.

Catering to the need for cleanliness on the go, RMT Global Partners also offers eco-friendly cleaning wipes. Whether it’s refreshing towelettes, makeup remover towelettes, or sanitizing wipes, these disposable single-use items ensure hygiene without harming the environment. 


In addition to the core eco-friendly cleaning wipes, RMT Global extends the range to include specialized products such as refresher towels, hot towels, and communication wipes. Each item is designed with the same commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that your travel essentials align with sustainable practices while providing a refreshing and revitalizing experience on the go.

Eco-friendly travel tissues and cleaning wipes | RMT Global Partners

RMT Global Partners’ commitment to eco-friendly travel textiles transforms your experience into a haven of cozy comfort with a distinct green twist. With a rich legacy spanning over 15 years, RMT Global has been a pioneering force in providing airlines with sustainable textiles that go beyond conventional norms. At the core of their offerings are blankets crafted with a variety of materials, including Acrylic, Fleece, Monocrylic, RPET (made from recycled PET material), and Bamboo. Each blanket not only offers warmth and comfort but also encapsulates the brand’s dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring that travelers can indulge in a touch of luxury while contributing to a more environmentally conscious journey.

Sustainable travel blankets | rpet blankets | RMT Global Partners

Complementing the plush blankets in their repertoire, RMT Global Partners presents an extensive array of travel essential textiles. From tray liners to napkins, crew sheets to pillowcases, pillows to socks, and eye shades, every product embodies the brand’s enduring commitment to eco-friendly principles. This comprehensive selection serves as a testament to RMT Global Partner’s holistic approach, offering a complete suite of travel textiles that align seamlessly with the evolving expectations of environmentally conscious travelers. 

Embracing RMT Global Partners’ assorted travel serviceware and accessories signifies a commitment to not just convenience but to a sustainable and environmentally responsible journey. It encapsulates the brand’s mission to revolutionize the in-flight dining and comfort experience, making every serviceware element a statement of sustainability and contributing to a greener future for the travel industry. 

Contact RMT Global Partners now to discover tailored solutions and enhance your travel dining experiences with a focus on sustainable travel and eco-conscious journeys.


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