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Bagasse: The Sustainable Eating Utensils Reshaping Travel Dining

Travel industry buyers for airlines, rail and cruise lines looking for the ultimate eco-savvy cutlery and dishware designed for travel, turn to Bagasse. It’s sustainable dishware that laughs in the face of heat, remains unfazed by acidic foods, leaks no harmful colors or dyes, and then bids adieu in the greenest way possible by decomposing without a trace in just 30 to 60 days. 

Bagasse is the mighty eco-warrior brand beloved by airlines, rail and cruise travel businesses for its resilience and sustainability. This renewable, plant-based material is revolutionizing travel dining one biodegradable plate and utensil at a time. Let’s explore the popularity of Bagasse cutlery and other environmentally friendly products among travel industry buyers.

Travelers want assurances that the products they use are environmentally sustainable, ethically sourced, and minimize impacts on the planet. At RMT Global Partners, we understand this demand and have curated a line of sustainable Bagasse products that merge style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Here’s why each of our Bagasse products are the ultimate eco-friendly choice for the discerning traveler.

Sugarcane Casserole Dishes

  • Plant-Based Power: These casserole dishes are crafted entirely from sugarcane fibers, a rapidly renewable, plant-based material. No petroleum-based plastics are used, making them an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Durability Matters: Despite their natural origins, the dishes can withstand extremely high heat making them ideal for serving up piping hot meals like pastas and stews without leaks or deformation.
  • Zero Toxins: Travel passengers can dine worry-free knowing there are no toxic chemicals, dyes, or artificial colors leaching into their food from these all-natural dishes.
  • Compostable Convenience: When meals are done, simply discard the dishes. They’ll naturally decompose within 30-60 days through composting, dramatically reducing environmental impact.

Vibrant Salad Bowls and Plates

  • Nature’s Harvest: The materials for these bowls and plates are sourced from fast-growing sugarcane crops which can be replenished annually, unlike slow-growing trees used for bamboo or palm leaf dishes.
  • Crisp and Clean: The smooth, dense surface is made from natural plant fibers making it ideal for fresh veggies, greens, and delicate ingredients you want protected from toxins.
  • Leak-Resistant: The construction allows liquids like salad dressings to stay contained without seeping or making your meal a soggy mess like paper plates.
  • Disposable and Degradable: You can dispose guilt-free knowing these products rapidly degrade without leaving any polluting plastic behind.

Sophisticated Sustainable Cutlery

  • Stylish Sustainability: The cutlery designs merge sophisticated, upscale styling with an eco-conscious manufacturing process for a sustainable dining experience.
  • Travel-Tough: Utilizing advanced technology, the Bagasse pulp is densified into sturdy, rigid utensils able to withstand the rigors of travel conditions without cracking or deforming.
  • Zero Waste: After use, these utensils can be composted or discarded knowing the all-natural materials will harmlessly break down leaving zero polluting waste behind.

Customizable Eco-Chic Serving Trays

  • Branded Sustainability: We can customize these stylish serving trays to feature your unique logo or designs, showcasing your travel brand’s commitment to environmental values.
  • Durable Plating: The rigid, dense construction keeps foods stable and messes contained during service both on the ground and in-flight or on-board without leaks or spills.
  • Clean Designs: You can feel confident serving meals on these trays knowing they’re free from toxins, artificial dyes, and chemicals that could contaminate food and drinks.
  • Natural Roots: Instead of virgin plastics, the material originates from the fibrous sugarcane residues leftover from juicing.

Modern Plant-Based Cups and Tumblers

  • Spill-Resistant: The sturdy construction along with lid options helps prevent spills and leaks while maintaining optimal hot or cold temperature for beverages.
  • Decomposition Sensation: Unlike plastic cups that pollute forever, these plant-based cups will naturally decompose and reintegrate into the environment within just months.
  • Renewable Champion: Utilizing rapidly replenished sugarcane harvests each year makes these cups a sustainable, renewable choice over exhaustible materials.

By adopting Bagasse dinnerware and sustainable eating utensils for travel, you’re part of the environmentally friendly travel industry dining revolution. Every eco-friendly plate, bowl, and bagasse cutlery kit makes a statement about your brand’s environmental values. As this plant-based dishware and cutlery gains momentum, single-use plastic and disposables will be left in the past. Guilt-free dining, reduced landfill waste, and lowered emissions are the new standard.

Join the eco-movement with RMT Global Partners! Our team will guide you through our full array of Bagasse products from cutlery kits to environmentally friendly cups and more. Connect with us to craft a customized sustainable dining program that aligns with your travel brand’s eco-values. The future of travel dining is green, chic, and loaded with Bagasse style!

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