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The Long-Term ESG Benefits of Transitioning to Sustainable Cutlery

At RMT Global Partners, we don’t see sustainability as a buzzword— we see it as a core value that drives every aspect of our business. We firmly believe that prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors is not only the right thing to do but also a smart business strategy.

A recent study by Kroll, which analyzed data from over 13,000 companies, confirmed our long-held belief in the power of sustainability. The research revealed that those with higher ESG ratings did better financially. ESG leaders saw annual returns of 12.9%, while those with lower ratings only saw returns of 8.6%.

In this blog post, we will explore how partnering with RMT Global Partners can help your business improve its ESG performance through the use of sustainable cutlery and eco-friendly products. 

By partnering with us, companies can reduce their waste management costs and appeal to ESG-focused investors. This will ultimately improve your bottom line while showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Offering our eco-friendly options can also increase your market competitiveness and customer loyalty, as a growing number of travelers actively seek out brands that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that optimize storage space and minimize waste, resulting in reduced costs associated with packaging, transportation, and disposal. Our durable and reusable products, such as polycarbonate glassware, can help your travel company save money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Enhancing Your Brand Image and Reputation With Eco-friendly Products

In addition to financial benefits, partnering with RMT Global Partners can significantly boost your travel company’s brand image and reputation. By incorporating our sustainable cutlery, environmentally friendly cups, and other eco-friendly products into your business, you can generate positive media coverage and demonstrate your dedication to sustainability. This will strengthen your relationships with your customers, investors, and partners, opening up new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Our own commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our ranking in the 96th percentile by EcoVadis, a global leader in ESG assessments. This recognition positions RMT Global Partners as a standout partner in efficiency and green efforts that make a tangible difference. By aligning your brand with a highly regarded company like ours, you can benefit from the positive associations and trust that come with RMT Global Partners’ reputation for sustainability and ESG excellence.

Take Advantage Of RMT Global Partners' Expertise and Global Network

One of the top advantages about partnering with RMT Global Partners is our extensive experience and strong relationships with the best, most reliable factories worldwide. We have decades of industry experience and have built a robust global network of trusted manufacturers, which has enabled us to take on highly customizable projects for our clients.

Our global network allows us to source the most innovative and sustainable materials, making sure that you have access to the latest eco-friendly solutions. Our strong relationships with manufacturers also allow us to maintain strict quality control and ensure that all products meet the highest standards of sustainability and performance.

RMT Global Partners’ expertise extends to service delivery too, as we strive to make every part of the experience seamless for our clients, from storage to the exchange between on-board attendants and passengers. By prioritizing practicality and efficiency, we can help your teams streamline their operations and provide exceptional service to your customers.

Choose RMT Global Partners for Your Sustainable Travel Solutions

From the financial advantages of reducing waste management costs and appealing to ESG-focused investors to the reputational benefits of demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, the case for embracing eco-friendly solutions is clear.

By taking advantage of our bagasse cutlery, environmentally-friendly cups, and polycarbonate glassware, you can enhance your passengers’ travel experiences while significantly reducing your environmental impact.

As the world becomes increasingly focused on sustainability, partnering with a company like RMT Global Partners is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. By working together to prioritize eco-friendly solutions, we can drive positive change in the travel industry and beyond, creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Visit to learn more about our products and services, and take the first step towards embracing sustainability in your travel operations. Together, we can make a lasting, positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve, while also driving financial success and building a strong brand reputation. Partner with RMT Global Partners today and join the global movement towards a more sustainable future in the travel industry.

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